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Switches & Sockets Wiring Contractors Have Specific Roles And Responsibilities

Switches & Sockets Wiring Contractors Have Specific Roles And Responsibilities

These days, external electrical wiring means a good range of work and not simple fixing of lights on the outside wall and the gate. Exterior lightings have changed significantly for both commercial as well as residential buildings. The scope has extended much for a variety of decorative lightings in different areas like gardens, lily pools, fountains, gates and pathways in case of residential complexes or estates.

The provisions generally change to sophisticated lighting in the parking bays, car passages, open paved courts and often exotic external lightings at heights in commercial structures. In addition to this, the wiring or rewiring of digital cable for TV and CCTV wiring and fixtures are the newest additions.

The contractors for switches & sockets wiring and exterior lighting would not be too different as far as their role is concerned. They are professionals and hence involved in a number of maintenance responsibilities of which periodic inspection plays a big role depending on the terms of contracts. Take the example of choosing a cable to be used for exterior wiring if there is a need for a master plug reel outside. Obviously, depending on the load factor, a knowledgeable contractor will have to decide of having a cable roll with thermal cut out and highly visible color to alert the people. Consider the high voltage switches and sockets required for light changers, portable fountains and more; these come in a variety of combinations to choose from including – colors, material, and finish for distinct purposes and usability for specific locations and surroundings.

The range of services offered by electrical contractors include rewiring, replacement of switch boards to match with freshly done up exterior, replacement of switches and sockets, installing CCTV, new lighting, fixing varied protective alarms and other automated fixtures. Most importantly, a contractor must bear in mind that exterior electrical installation and accessories have to be weather proof.

While selecting contractors for switches and sockets wiring and exterior lighting, you should check the range of services provided for wiring and installation of newer types of modern fixtures and gadgets. You can expect all first class contractors to extend their services within the sphere of fault finding, recommend and provide rectification services, and offer complete maintenance services on contract basis. It becomes a lot easier for managing large commercial structures as well as residential estates.

Most of the good contactors are always ready to make free inspection and provide estimates for the same as well. It is also important for you to check the range of services provided by a contractor in this regard. If the appointed contractor does not provide certain services that you want, engaging a new contractor for those services generally cost high charges. Nevertheless, it may lead to disputations with the existing contractor.


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