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Types Of Electrical Contractors And What They Do

Types Of Electrical Contractors And What They Do

Electricians are the individuals that provide services such as installing electrical equipment and wirings in any setting. They work under electrical contractors or they have their own business. Most electricians work under contractors because there are benefits and insurance given to them for their safety. It is not easy being an electrician because risks are involved such as being accidentally electrocuted during work. Two things result from electrocution and that is either burns or death.

Many individuals are employed under contractors that work together with the electricians. There are the electrician trainees who are recent graduates from state-approved institutions. They are undergoing training in order for them to understand what they have studied. There are also the apprentice electricians that are under the apprenticeship program (last for 3 to 5 years) and are trained by master electricians. They also receive classroom instruction aside from training and when they graduate from the training, they become the journeyman electrician.

Journeyman electricians who work under contractors are licensed individuals that do a lot of electrical work. They troubleshoot, install, remove, repair and manage electrical system. They base their work according to safety standards to ensure that they and the people around them are safe. Journeyman electricians need to have professional license before they can work.

Other workers hired and working under contractors are project supervisors and project estimators. Since the services offered by contractors are usually large scale, there are people to oversee the project and these are the supervisor and estimator. They are responsible in computing the costs and distributing the labor.

There are 3 types of contractual services that electrical contractors provide. These services are Inside Electricity Contractors, Integrated Building System (IBS) electricity contractors and Line Electricity Contractors. The Line electricity contractors usually deal with electricity installation, repair and management in a power plant. This is because they deal with high voltage electricity.

The next type of contractors are the inside contractors. They offer services such as installing and repairing electrical systems in various commercial or residential properties. All indoor and outdoor lightings are done by inside contractors. They can also strip off electrical wirings that are no longer used. These contractors are the prime contractors because they do almost all types of electrical work.

The last type of contractor is the ones that deal with low voltage electricity work. Their work revolves around high tech equipment. These are the technologies associated with computers peripherals and other gadgets. The IBM electrical contractors install, fix and remove wiring in telecommunication services. They also do work on wireless network, back-up power, and other sensitive electrical work.


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