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Does Your Home Need a New Electrical Breaker Panel? When to Call a Licensed Electrician

Does Your Home Need a New Electrical Breaker Panel? When to Call a Licensed Electrician

How do I know when my house needs a new breaker panel? Why do I need a new breaker panel? Do I need a 200 amp panel? Is it because of the collection of small fuse boxes on the side of my house? Do you have Federal Pacific breakers?

Would it have anything to do with the new remodel, or the breaker tripping. Check the list below for items that might cause you to upgrade your home’s electrical service and make your home much safer.

Added new kitchen appliances
Added electric central heat
Added a tankless water heater
Added a room or two
Added 240V tools in the garage
Added new lights and bath heater
Added more air conditioning
Finished the bonus room upstairs
Old fuse system continues to fail
Breakers trip and the old panel has damage
Insurance company won’t renew homeowners policy
Storm Damage and the new Code requirements
You sold your home and the home inspector found defects
You want a lifetime warranty on your breakers and panel

When your home was built, the electrical system was big enough to satisfy all of your electrical needs. Most home builders try to save money and only pay for the minimum electrical system required by the Building code. If you built a custom home and were involved with the electrical contractor, you may never need to upgrade because you bought the upgrade electrical at a great price. (Before the walls were sheet rocked).

The Electrical Code in place at the time your home was built has probably changed and has many new requirements. Some cities require most or all of the new code features must be installed any time you do more than a minor repair. Some only require the repairs meet the new code requirements. Our section on permits is being assembled at this time and will be updated daily.

If your home is on the market and the new buyer is financing, the lending agency may follow the home inspectors advice (right or wrong) and require all defects be brought up the current code. This may not line up with state and local ordinances or statutes, but he who holds the money rules.

An Electrical Upgrade is a good investment. There is a large return on the dollars invested plus the intangibles. How do you put a price on your family’s safety? What is the cost of a good night’s sleep? Can you afford to be frugal with your family’s life?

While we are here talking about this, now is a great time to protect the items in your home you don’t normally plug into a surge protector. Let us add a whole house surge protector (life time warranty) to safeguard the new washer / dryer combo or that expensive new energy saving fridge. The Eaton surge protectors are so good at what they do, the manufacturer will give a lifetime warranty on the surge protector and an insurance policy to cover damage to equipment connected to or plugged into the electrical system.

Ask your electrician about energy savings by installing an energy monitor so you can control your energy usage, and save money!


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