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3 Important Electrical and Electronics Systems Services

3 Important Electrical and Electronics Systems Services

An electronic and electrical systems company needs to offer more than a few basic services to establish itself as a competent all solutions provider for companies and organizations that run large scale electrical systems. An extensive list of disciplines and sub disciplines is needed here. Hands on expertise and practical experience go hand in hand here. In today’s post we will highlight a few vital services that are important for most electrical systems and networks.

Short Circuit Analysis

This analysis is critical in determining fault currents and the potential for arc flash hazards. Short Circuit analysis essentially depicts a worst case scenario picture for an electrical system. Should a short circuit occur, how well placed are the systems security measures. It also answers very important questions related to the system. Will protective devices continue to operate as planned? Will they be able to do so safely? How much damage can be expected in the event of a short circuit? Has the magnitude of short circuit current been determined? Has it been compared to the manufacturer’s stated interrupting rating for each piece of equipment in the electrical system? These are all important questions that get answered in a short circuit analysis.

Other benefits of performing a short circuit analysis include determining power systems reactions to faults at any given time and also within different points of the power distribution system.

Value Engineering

More commonly known as VE, Value Engineering is an examining function that determines the true value of a project. This is something that many companies and organizations who are involved in large scale electrical systems carefully try to calculate in order to improve the value of a project. Companies who specialize in providing VE services work with building owners, contractors and other engineering firms.

Value engineering also sheds lights on other aspects of a project. It provides clients with ideas to simplify the construction process and remove unnecessary expenditures. This can not only save the company money but also time. They learn of alternative layouts and identify constructability issues. They also refine labor and material costs reduction plans and go over options to minimize schedule delays. All this leads to improved project management.

Power Systems Design Build

Designing power systems is an incredibly complex and complicated task. Nothing can be left to chance and everything should be checked and rechecked. Traditional design basics and construction processes go together. The design phase also involves collaboration with the contractors. A design build project proves beneficial in many ways for companies. Electrical system owners and similar companies see a reduction in overall construction duration as well as overall project costs. This means that they can begin production that much quickly and start making money.

These are third vital electrical services that competent solution providers should offer. Only companies that provide a complete electrical and electronics system solution to its customers should be sought for these services. This will ensure your electrical systems runs flawlessly with very little redundancy issue and improved functionality.


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