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The Common Electrical Mistakes by Householders

The Common Electrical Mistakes by Householders

It’s great that so many families have embraced a ‘Do-It-Yourself (DIY)’ approach to fixing things in and around the home. Sundays spent in hardware stores before painting the third bedroom, making a new closet or installing a new shower head have become the norm thanks to the growing number of TV shows dedicated to home renovations and improvements.

Sure, you might be able to fix a leaking tap or construct a temporary fence in the backyard, but there are some things that are best left to the qualified professionals. Other than the quick change of a light bulb, this would include any electrical services.

Developing the skills of a qualified Electrician takes years of theory and practical study. It is a complex trade, which requires specific and problem solving skills. Without these attributes, people can seriously injure or burn themselves when trying to take electrical matters into their own hands.

The most common electrical mistakes made by householders are:

Using the incorrect wires and cables – so many people don’t realise that electrical wires and cables come in a variety of sizes with a gauge that dictates the appropriate use of them. Choosing the right wire or cable for the current is so important. Choosing the incorrect one may result in the wire or cable overheating or cause the circuit breaker or fuse to short out continuously.

Unfixed outlets and switches – loose outlets and switches can be extremely hazardous. Plugging your appliances into them can cause the wires to become loose from their terminals, which could cause arcing and overheating.

Faulty electrical connections – it isn’t uncommon for Electricians to visit homes where the people living in them have tried to make electrical connections outside the electrical box. This is a big ‘no no’. The electrical box provides protection from outside elements so all connections should be added into the box by an electrical professional who can ensure that the box is in good shape and not overfilled.

Light bulbs – one of the most common mistakes that householders make is replacing a light bulb with one that has the incorrect wattage. When you put, say a 100 watt bulb in a 60 watt socket, you may have a brighter light but you will also have an overheating bulb which increases the chance that it will break or catch alight. So next time you go to replace a light bulb, make sure you buy one with the right wattage.

Overloading power outlets – a lot of householders make the mistake of plugging too many appliances into one power board or outlet. Most people are under the impression that they can plug several power board or adaptors into a power board. Most power boards are only designed to handle a maximum of twenty amps and overloading them can cause the breaker to trip or worse off, overheating which could lead, in some instances, to fire.

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