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Different Electrical Contractors For Different Needs

Different Electrical Contractors For Different Needs

Electrical work is a skilled trade that requires years of practice, keeping up with the latest systems and a certification to allow contractors to install electrical systems and wire a place. Contract work cannot be undertaken by an uncertified electrician so it’s important for both professionals and clients to give it

Electricians are classified into three main types – line, inside and integrated building systems specialists. These professionals are tasked with different jobs and undergo training specific to their line of work.

Line contractors

Line contractors are tradesmen who construct, maintain and plan power transmission and distribution. Electricity, as we know it, is delivered to our homes from substations. The substations receive high voltage electricity that’s basically split into lower voltages before being distributed to consumers. It’s no easy task and requires well-planned and adequate infrastructure.

Working with high voltage is a dangerous job and unskilled electricians are a disaster waiting to happen to themselves, consumers and power stations. Line contractors undergo intensive training and on-the-job education to get them acquainted with electrical systems. They’re also taught to work in different environments as the job isn’t restricted to power plants but distribution centers, substations and houses too.

Inside contractors

Where line contractors deal with the ‘larger’ aspects of electricity distribution, inside contractors work in smaller environments. Their job is no less important, however, as they’re the people who set up the wiring in our homes and that of commercial and office settings.

Aside from working with buildings, they also design and maintain cabling and installation of required systems. Repair work is also undertaken by them as is troubleshooting, replacement of components like circuit breakers, telephone wiring and computer networking pre-wiring.

Integrated building systems

Last on the list is integrated building systems contractors. They’re the specialists who design and install wireless networks, telecommunications, security systems, energy-efficient lighting systems and other low voltage work. Their main job is to ensure that a building’s electrical system functions efficiently without consuming large amounts of power.

The demand for IBS contractors is steadily rising as ‘going green’ has become a trend. Rising cost of power is driving not only the average homeowner but commercial customers too to cut down power usage and use greener electrical systems.

HVAC contractors

HVAC contractors are considered part of the IBS group of specialists. However, some states require contractors to have a separate HVAC license.

These professionals work with HVAC systems in residential and commercial settings. They’re trained to identify problems and environments that could pose a hazard to systems such as the presence of water and moisture in close proximity. They test, install, repair and reassemble electrical components and equipments to comply with applicable standards.

Now that we’ve listed the various types of electrical contractors, let’s look at what customers should check for when hiring one.

• A referral is fine for small repair work but large jobs require that contractors are members of national associations. Associations can provide the names of licensed contractors operating in certain areas.

• Customer testimonials should be reviewed. Good contractors won’t hesitate to show you their past work and have no problems with you contacting former clients.

• Many contractors have websites you can check for services, products and projects. Complete contact details are also given. Free estimates and quotations may also be provided upon request.


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The Most Efficient Ways to Hire A Contractor

The Most Efficient Ways to Hire A Contractor

Working on electrical wiring’s involves high risks the consequences of which could be fatal. As such, it is only practical to hire a professional on matters concerning such jobs. An electrical contractor is one of the professionals one should consider. This said professional must have the following traits: 1. technically proficient, 2. reputable, 3. financially stable, and 4. inept of the intricacies of the business as well as the nature of every job involved.

It is important to put into consideration when hiring an electrical contractor is that any electrical installation involves electrical safety and electrical-system stability. The aforesaid professionals who are directly involved in the performance of the work should follow recognized standards of safety and quality.

To comply with such requirements, one should ascertain whether or not the electrical contractors and the workers under them are duly licensed within the jurisdiction in which the project is being undertaken. The same should be inspected under standards that would ensure safe installation. As for reliability, one should be ensured that the installed electrical systems will continue to perform for a very long time in compliance to the ways in which they were designed to be.

In hiring an aforesaid professional, one should also consider that said professional is financially sound and is in possession of a good reputation. In order to ascertain such traits, one can ask around, specifically previous clients under which said professionals have previously worked.

Owners and facility managers who currently have relationships with an aforesaid professional, either in maintenance and/or new installation, have immediate access to said professional who can perform an energy audit for their building. The work of said professional usually involves determining the quantity of energy used. Said professional can then offer a list of options for reducing power use or improving energy efficiency.

Finally, it is also important to ask about their warranty and insurance. It is most important to have the transaction in writing. It should be ensured that the aforesaid professional can guarantee that the work will be installed in compliance with existing standards, that the said professional can correct those which did not meet applicable standards, among others.

One should insist for a written estimate as well as a copy of the contractor’s insurance certificate. Lastly, one should make sure that the proposal and/or contract is specific enough as regards the work to be performed is in compliance with existing standards and existing laws.


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Upgrading Old House Electrical Systems

Upgrading Old House Electrical Systems

If you own an older home and are thinking of upgrading your old house’s electrical system so that your house can become more energy efficient and save you money in the long run, then you may want to get some ideas from other people who have pursued such projects to see what is the best course of action. Every old house is different and you may need to do some custom work to make your situation work for you. There are many reasons why you may be considering upgrading the old electrical system in your home.

Many old homes have electrical systems that have a smaller power capacity than today’s more modern homes require. This can cause many problems in today’s electronic and gadget based world. For this reason many people look to expand the capacity of their home’s electrical system. Some of the symptoms of your home not having enough power are:

You frequently blow fuses or circuit breakers when you use too many appliances like vacuum cleaners, microwaves or space heaters
The lights dim when you turn on an appliance
You don’t have enough electrical receptacles for the number of appliances you use.
You may have many extension cords and adapters to fit more plugs

Think about the new appliances that have become widely available over the last 40 years or so. Vacuum cleaners, space heaters, air conditioners, microwaves, curling irons, hair dryers, big screen televisions, spas, computers etc… Many of these appliances draw significant amounts of electrical power. Some older homes only have 60- 100 amps of power available in their electrical panel. A typical space heater or microwave can draw 15-20 amps alone. Of course you also have to consider the power drawn by the lights, fridge, microwave, etc.

Now you can see why it may be necessary to upgrade your homes electrical system. Upgrading a homes electrical system isn’t an easy job and it’s not recommended to get involved with a project like this unless you are a professional and you know what you’re doing. This is not a job for your handyman, the brand new electrician or your friends brother who “knows how to do electrical work”. If you need to upgrade your electrical system, you should contact a licensed Electrical Contractor in your area. You should consult with them about your project and what you’re trying to accomplish with the new system in your home.

It is important to check the references of any company you are considering working with. Often reviews that can be found on various places on the internet can give some valuable insight about the local residential electricians you will choose to do the job. The cheapest contractor is not necessarily your best bet, neither is the most expensive, however remember that the old adage “you get what you pay for” is often true.

A qualified electrical contractor who has enough experience upgrading older homes can help you expand the power capacity of that old home so that you will have the capacity to power the more modern devices that require higher voltage draws.

Most people today have modern appliances such as dishwashers, washers, dryers, generators and other types of appliances that require more voltage than what some older types of homes have available. To have your old home support your newer and more modern appliances you will most likely have to consult your local electrician or electrical contractor and talk to them about what they can do to expand your home’s capacity. When they come to inspect the home, your local licensed electrician will look at the original electric system that is currently in place. Most of the time these old electrical systems that have been around since the 40s or even earlier are simply do not have the capacity to power the appliances we use everyday in our lives. The licensed electrician will most likely increase the power capacity of your old home by bringing in more power from the street. This is done by replacing your old panel and breaker boxes with a larger electric panel which can handle the requirement of your home. This can be a tricky process so it’s advised to have an experienced electrician handle the task for you to ensure that everything is done safely and to proper specifications.

Some things to be sure to ask are, will you be completely removing the old panel? How many circuits do I need for my home? Will you be using the correct size wires and breakers for every circuit? Will you be switching ALL of the power over? Will you be obtaining all the permits?

These are important questions to ask. It will show that you understand what you are talking about and prevent inexperienced or unscrupulous contractors from taking advantage and not providing you with everything you pay for. We have seen many instances where homeowners paid for what they thought was a professional and complete service upgrade, but they later learn (unfortunately) that the old service is buried inside a wall with the new panel put on top but not all the power switched over.

Your electrical contractor should we willing and able to handle all aspects of your electrical service upgrade including obtaining a permit and dealing with the city and the utility company. Once you have your new power system with an increased capacity, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your home from an electrical perspective, blowing circuits or having the power you need for all of your appliances.

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Industrial Electrical Contractors Exhibit Another Level of Expertise

Industrial Electrical Contractors Exhibit Another Level of Expertise

Have you ever thought who undertakes intricate electrical tasks in big commercial and industrial units? It is none other than industrial electrical contractors who work in systems having voltages of 13,200V Amperes. This needs special abilities due to complex nature of equipment they need to handle as well as the high voltages. A general electrical contractor in his place can never solve complex electric projects related to machinery.

How Hiring Industrial Electrical Contractors Can Give You An Edge?

For large commercial projects and big events, it is needless to say that you need experts for absolute safety. Right from installing electrical equipment and do electrical wiring or switches, they have comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of the systems.

When it comes to repairing too, they show special level of proficiency. A leading contractor executes all the repairing tasks with nominal impact on the business functions.

Apart from dealing with large systems in commercial units, industrial electric contractors are also engaged in large construction assignments where they need to do all the design, maintenance and installation of large-scale industrial lighting systems. Since they are highly skilled, they comprehend the blueprint of the task they are working on, conform to the international quality and depict highest level of safety standards.

Types of Industrial Electrical Contractors

Industrial Electrical Contractors: They deal with the tasks of energy-efficient lighting installations and maintenance work in restaurants, warehouses, commercial units etc.

Inside Contractors: They provide electricity to structures in property lines.

Line Contractors: They deal with power transmissions and distribution lines with high-voltages. They also maintain the electrical connections for sending electricity through high-power lines.

Why Hiring Industrial Electrical Contractors is a Good Option?

Safety: When it comes to total safety, the professional contractors are the best. With in-depth knowledge and vast experience, they execute all the electrical tasks safely and easily. It is needless to say that electrical tasks are always hazardous and any mistake can cause injury or death of people. Therefore, hiring the expert electricians is always a shrewd decision.

Speed: The industrial contractors can troubleshoot or patch-up electrical problems such as outdated outlets, defectively set cabling, malfunctioning of system with precision and speed. The industrial electricians are certified and hold licence, therefore they finish all the industrial and commercial projects within deadlines.

Fair Transactions: Most of the reliable contractors offer estimates of their work to their clients which means they believe in fair dealings. So hiring them is as shrewd as it gets.

Good customer care services: Conforming to all the local and federal policies, these certified professionals provide high-quality services to the customers. They respond to the phone calls and emails and address to their grievances quickly. Most contractors also work as consultants for diagnosing problems in the electrical system and when malfunctioning arises.

Hire reliable industrial electrical contractors for your next project and be hassle free. Get complete peace of mind and total worth of your money.


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Electrical Contractors In The Industry

Electrical Contractors In The Industry

The field and industry of construction requires electrical contractors to meet such high standards in electrical installations. The contractors are obliged by builders, developers and architects to provide them with high qualities of electrical systems. Electrical contractors are also demanded to be excellent in the services and functions they perform.

The construction industry is undoubtedly a very complex system that needs optimum organization. Various works have to be properly scheduled so that work efficiency may be achieved. First there’s the laying of the foundation, the building of essential parts and of course the installation of systems where electricity plays a major role. In every part of the construction, electrical installations are needed and thus are performed in many slots of the construction schedules.

The tasks performed by the electrical contractors also involve providing support for the various operations of the construction. Power systems are needed to be installed to provide electricity to the equipments used in the construction processes. There are also mobile tools and services that need to be provided with power by the systems installed by the contractor. Also, if any of these electrical equipments malfunctioned, the staff and workers of the electrical contractors are likely to be approached for any possible repairs.

For every construction project to become successful, the right electrical contractor must be found. Electricity and its applications are not to be taken lightly; otherwise, safety and functionality of the structure will be compromised. Electrical installations must be performed by knowledgeable and skilled professionals who can follow painstakingly the standards of the construction industry. The right electrical contractor is usually picked from the lot through successful and competitive bidding.

There are a number of things that electrical contractors must prepare if they plan to participate in project biddings. First there’s the estimate of how much the whole project will cost, of how long will the project needs to be completed and of how much materials will be used. Companies will base their selection of electrical contractor on the most reasonable estimate; not necessarily the cheapest but one which they think will closely meet their requirements. Aside from the project estimate, contractors should also provide all their important credentials, professional and business related.

It’s an extremely competitive process. Construction contracts are extremely important in the electrical industry, providing both business and professional credentials in the construction industry. These contracts are also major a employment sector in the electrical industry.

In general, the basis for electrical contractor selection used by companies is the most superior bid. The contractor bidding for the project should comply with the legal requirements of the industry. This involves all the necessary licenses, insurances, standards on safety and others. The contractor should also be able to exhibit its capacity to meet the works needed to complete the contract. This demonstration is usually achieved by providing references or reviewing the previous projects completed by the electrical contractor. Once chosen for the project, the contractor will be bind to the terms and conditions of the contract with the company. This contract terms will cover satisfactory performance to meet requirements and perform their obligations. The contractor must at all times work towards meeting specifications on parts and systems of the electrical applications.


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Differences Between Electrical Contractor and Electricians

Differences Between Electrical Contractor and Electricians

There are many people who are confused between the electrical contractor and electrician. Generally, it has been seen that people believes that both of them are same but to be very honest they are very differ from each other. In fact, an electrical contractor is a firm or company which offers electrical services across the state and for the purpose of providing these electrical services they appoint electricians. These electricians are responsible for the installation, designing and maintenance of electrical system. These professionals and electrical contractors have to take license in order to run their business safely while providing a valid insurance. If you are hiring an electrical contractor which are hesitating to show their license then there may be chances of that company may be fake. Therefore, before finalizing any contractor companies and electrical professional it is always better to check the license and credentials to ensure best electrical services. This requirement is necessary and vital before selecting any one for the electrical repair and maintenance job. Here are some important information’s about the electrical contractors and electricians that will undoubtedly help you in selecting a best one for your electrical needs.

Usually, depending upon the work of these contractors are divided in to three major categories which is outside or line contractor, inside contractor and integrated building system contractor.

Line or Outside electrical contractor: This electrical contractor plays an important role by controlling the high power voltage transmission as well as their distribution line. They carry all the transmission and their infrastructure work to bring electricity from the power plant to the substations before making them available for the home, business premises or buildings.

Inside contractor: As per the name suggests, they are responsible for maintaining electrical systems as well as providing all the electrical service needs for the commercial, residential and institutional buildings. The main work of this type of contractor is to provide and control all the installation, maintenance and designing of the system required by these buildings. They also provide all the lighting and security system installation inside the boundary line which helps in avoiding electrical code violation as per the rule of government.

Integrated Building System electrical contractor: They are also called video/data /voice electrical contractor. They are responsible for handling all the low voltage installation that includes climate control, telecommunications, fiber optics system and the entire wireless network device which is needed for efficient usage.

Apart from these, they hire electrician who have some experience in electrical services and provides training to those who don’t have any related experience. They are generally hired at apprentice level where they have to go through the training programs to handle any electrical job. Once they complete this three to five years training programs now becomes as journey man and after doing work on this they are now promoted to estimators and then to the project supervisor.


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3 Important Electrical and Electronics Systems Services

3 Important Electrical and Electronics Systems Services

An electronic and electrical systems company needs to offer more than a few basic services to establish itself as a competent all solutions provider for companies and organizations that run large scale electrical systems. An extensive list of disciplines and sub disciplines is needed here. Hands on expertise and practical experience go hand in hand here. In today’s post we will highlight a few vital services that are important for most electrical systems and networks.

Short Circuit Analysis

This analysis is critical in determining fault currents and the potential for arc flash hazards. Short Circuit analysis essentially depicts a worst case scenario picture for an electrical system. Should a short circuit occur, how well placed are the systems security measures. It also answers very important questions related to the system. Will protective devices continue to operate as planned? Will they be able to do so safely? How much damage can be expected in the event of a short circuit? Has the magnitude of short circuit current been determined? Has it been compared to the manufacturer’s stated interrupting rating for each piece of equipment in the electrical system? These are all important questions that get answered in a short circuit analysis.

Other benefits of performing a short circuit analysis include determining power systems reactions to faults at any given time and also within different points of the power distribution system.

Value Engineering

More commonly known as VE, Value Engineering is an examining function that determines the true value of a project. This is something that many companies and organizations who are involved in large scale electrical systems carefully try to calculate in order to improve the value of a project. Companies who specialize in providing VE services work with building owners, contractors and other engineering firms.

Value engineering also sheds lights on other aspects of a project. It provides clients with ideas to simplify the construction process and remove unnecessary expenditures. This can not only save the company money but also time. They learn of alternative layouts and identify constructability issues. They also refine labor and material costs reduction plans and go over options to minimize schedule delays. All this leads to improved project management.

Power Systems Design Build

Designing power systems is an incredibly complex and complicated task. Nothing can be left to chance and everything should be checked and rechecked. Traditional design basics and construction processes go together. The design phase also involves collaboration with the contractors. A design build project proves beneficial in many ways for companies. Electrical system owners and similar companies see a reduction in overall construction duration as well as overall project costs. This means that they can begin production that much quickly and start making money.

These are third vital electrical services that competent solution providers should offer. Only companies that provide a complete electrical and electronics system solution to its customers should be sought for these services. This will ensure your electrical systems runs flawlessly with very little redundancy issue and improved functionality.


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Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Safety Tips

Among the things that we do know about electricity is that faulty electrical system is almost always the cause of fire and injuries whether in commercial or residential infrastructures. This means that even at the first sign of electrical problems, have them fixed immediately, before things lead to a more serious problem.

However, you have to remember that with any electrical repairs, it always remains as one of the most risky tasks no matter how experienced you are. Therefore, you have to have the skills and knowledge to do the job, use the right tools, and most importantly observe safety measures before you start any electrical project.

Given that, you must turn off the circuit breaker before you start any electrical job. To make sure you have turned off the right breaker, use a voltage tester and if the light on the tester doesn’t lit up, that means the wire isn’t live and that you are ready to begin your job.

To avoid electrical problems such as electrocution or fire in your home, make sure to be vigilant for any potential electrical hazards. Don’t forget to keep your appliances away from water, check for correct wattage light bulbs, and check the insulation on a cord.

Additionally, see to it that there is a regular electrical inspection in your home. In order to determine the last electrical inspection date, check the door and cover of your electrical panel as these are the places where stickers with a date, signatures or initials are found.

It is always advised that you let any electrical repairs done by professional electrician no matter how simple the job may be. Do not take any risks especially if you are inexperienced when it comes to electrical problems as it is, again, a very dangerous job. If you ever decide to hire an electrical contractor in your area, make sure to choose the one that is qualified and licensed to do the job.


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Does Your Home Need a New Electrical Breaker Panel? When to Call a Licensed Electrician

Does Your Home Need a New Electrical Breaker Panel? When to Call a Licensed Electrician

How do I know when my house needs a new breaker panel? Why do I need a new breaker panel? Do I need a 200 amp panel? Is it because of the collection of small fuse boxes on the side of my house? Do you have Federal Pacific breakers?

Would it have anything to do with the new remodel, or the breaker tripping. Check the list below for items that might cause you to upgrade your home’s electrical service and make your home much safer.

Added new kitchen appliances
Added electric central heat
Added a tankless water heater
Added a room or two
Added 240V tools in the garage
Added new lights and bath heater
Added more air conditioning
Finished the bonus room upstairs
Old fuse system continues to fail
Breakers trip and the old panel has damage
Insurance company won’t renew homeowners policy
Storm Damage and the new Code requirements
You sold your home and the home inspector found defects
You want a lifetime warranty on your breakers and panel

When your home was built, the electrical system was big enough to satisfy all of your electrical needs. Most home builders try to save money and only pay for the minimum electrical system required by the Building code. If you built a custom home and were involved with the electrical contractor, you may never need to upgrade because you bought the upgrade electrical at a great price. (Before the walls were sheet rocked).

The Electrical Code in place at the time your home was built has probably changed and has many new requirements. Some cities require most or all of the new code features must be installed any time you do more than a minor repair. Some only require the repairs meet the new code requirements. Our section on permits is being assembled at this time and will be updated daily.

If your home is on the market and the new buyer is financing, the lending agency may follow the home inspectors advice (right or wrong) and require all defects be brought up the current code. This may not line up with state and local ordinances or statutes, but he who holds the money rules.

An Electrical Upgrade is a good investment. There is a large return on the dollars invested plus the intangibles. How do you put a price on your family’s safety? What is the cost of a good night’s sleep? Can you afford to be frugal with your family’s life?

While we are here talking about this, now is a great time to protect the items in your home you don’t normally plug into a surge protector. Let us add a whole house surge protector (life time warranty) to safeguard the new washer / dryer combo or that expensive new energy saving fridge. The Eaton surge protectors are so good at what they do, the manufacturer will give a lifetime warranty on the surge protector and an insurance policy to cover damage to equipment connected to or plugged into the electrical system.

Ask your electrician about energy savings by installing an energy monitor so you can control your energy usage, and save money!


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Reasons Why Hiring An Electrical Contractor Saves Time and Money

Reasons Why Hiring An Electrical Contractor Saves Time and Money

The electrical system of any structure, be it a house or a commercial building, is handled by an electrical contractor. Such electrical system involves the installation of the same, the installation of new appliances and devices, remodeling, and even the regular monitoring and maintenance of such devices.

As such, the best person to handle the aforesaid tasks is an electrical contractor as attempting to do such tasks would only lead to disastrous results, especially when one is not trained and licensed to do it. Thus, hiring a trained professional such as an electrical contractor is the best way to save time and money since one is ensured that the aforesaid tasks would be handled with proper care and training.

It is imperative that in the instances of hiring the aforesaid professional one should verify and ascertain whether or not such person is duly licensed and certified to do the job in accordance with existing standards and laws. One should look if such professional is equipped with the liability insurance in case of personal injuries and/or damages to the property during the pendency of the task at hand.

Furthermore, hiring a licensed and skilled professional reduces the instances of constant repairs since such professional will ensure that the work done complies with existing standards. Allowing common unprofessional people to repair such problems have with it the risk of making one’s devices and appliances susceptible to breakage and damage, which in turn, would lead to more expenses just to have them fixed.

Faulty wiring and installations usually cause most instances of fire and accidents in homes and commercial establishments. Hiring the aforesaid professional in fixing such wirings and installations ensures that the same is installed and properly, and as such, averts the risks of fire and accidents. The aforesaid professional can assure you that, in compliance with existing standards, they will only use the best and highest quality of materials in order to avoid compromising the quality of the work done.

In cases of emergency situations or other situations that others cannot usually handle, one is ensured that the aforesaid professional has the proper experience and training in handling such situations. He is equipped with contingency plans in order to avert problems that may be caused by such situations. Furthermore, hiring said professional, given his experience and training, can accomplish the task in the earliest possible time. These are just some ways on how you can be practical amidst the very challenging days of the present time.


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